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15 Essential Questions To Ask a House Sitter Before Hiring

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When it comes to finding the perfect house sitter, it’s important to ask the right questions and get to know them before making any commitments. After all, you want someone reliable and trustworthy to take care of your home while you’re away, right? So, before you finalize your decision, L&G Cleaning considers asking prospective house sitters a series of important questions to ensure they meet your needs. From experience and availability to their approach in handling emergencies, these questions will help you gain insight into their suitability for the job. By taking the time to ask these questions, you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands.

Before hiring a house sitter, ask them these 15 essential questions to make sure they’re the right fit. And for your Aurora business, choosing the perfect floor scrubbing service is crucial. So, look for one with experience, reliable references, and a track record of excellence.

Here’s 15 essential questions to ask a house sitter before hiring them:

Background and Experience:

Can you tell me about your background and experience as a house sitter?

Certainly! As a house sitter, I have extensive experience caring for homes of various sizes and styles. I have been house sitting for the past five years and have had the opportunity to work with many different clients. My background includes managing properties, handling routine maintenance tasks, and ensuring the overall security and well-being of homes while the owners are away. I have also worked with a range of pets, from dogs and cats to birds and fish, providing them with proper care and attention. I take pride in my attention to detail, reliability, and ability to adapt to different environments.

Have you previously cared for homes similar to mine?

Yes, I have had the opportunity to care for homes similar to yours in the past. I understand that each home has its unique requirements and characteristics, and I make sure to familiarize myself with the specific needs of each property I house sit. Whether it’s a single-family house, an apartment, or a vacation home, I have experience in providing the necessary care and attention to ensure that your home is well-maintained and secure during your absence. I am dedicated to treating each home with respect and following any specific instructions or guidelines you may have.


Are you available during the dates I need a house sitter?

As a housesitter In order to confirm my availability, could you please provide me with the specific dates you need a house sitter? This will allow me to check my schedule and ensure that I can accommodate your needs. Once I have this information, I will be able to give you a definite answer regarding my availability.

Will you be staying at my home full-time or part-time?

As for my stay at your home, I am flexible and can adapt to your preferences. I can stay at your home full-time, providing round-the-clock care and supervision. Alternatively, if you prefer a part-time arrangement where I am present during specific hours or for certain tasks, I can accommodate that as well. Please let me know your expectations, and I will make sure to align my availability and schedule accordingly.


What specific tasks are you comfortable handling while house sitting?

As a housesitter When it comes to house sitting, I am comfortable handling a wide range of tasks to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of your home. This includes general housekeeping duties such as cleaning, tidying up, and ensuring the overall cleanliness of the property. I can also take care of basic maintenance tasks like checking for any issues, troubleshooting minor problems, and coordinating repairs if necessary. Additionally, I am experienced in managing security measures, collecting mail, and maintaining a secure and organized environment.

Are you willing to take care of pets, plants, and other specific needs?

Absolutely! I am more than willing to take care of pets, plants, and any other specific needs your home may have. As an animal lover, I have experience in pet sitting and can provide the necessary care, including feeding, exercise, grooming, and administering medications if required. I am also knowledgeable about plant care and can ensure that your plants are watered, pruned, and given the attention they need to thrive during your absence. If there are any other specific needs or tasks you would like me to handle, please let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate them.

Emergency Situations:

How would you handle emergencies like a power outage or a plumbing issue?

As a housesitter In the event of emergencies such as a power outage or a plumbing issue, I prioritize quick and efficient action to minimize any potential damage or inconvenience. If there is a power outage, I will first check the main circuit breaker and reset it if necessary. If the issue persists, I will contact the utility company to report the outage and gather information about the estimated time for restoration. For plumbing issues, I will shut off the water supply if needed and assess the situation. If it is a minor problem, I will utilize my basic plumbing knowledge to attempt repairs. However, for more significant issues, I will promptly contact a licensed plumber to resolve the situation.

Do you have a list of emergency contacts I can provide?

As a housesitter Yes, I highly encourage providing a list of emergency contacts to ensure preparedness during unforeseen circumstances. This list should include your preferred method of contact and individuals or service providers who can assist in various emergencies. It is essential to have contacts for a trusted plumber, electrician, and any other relevant professionals you typically rely on. Additionally, providing contact information for a neighbor or nearby friend who can be reached in case of an urgent situation can be helpful. Having these emergency contacts readily available allows for a swift and appropriate response in case of any unforeseen events.


What measures will you take to ensure the security of my home and belongings?

  • The security of your home and belongings is of utmost importance to me. I take several measures to ensure a safe and secure environment while house sitting. These include:
  • Maintaining a consistent presence at your property to deter any potential trespassers.
  • Following any security protocols you have in place, such as setting alarms, securing doors and windows, and activating surveillance systems.
  • Keeping a vigilant eye on your property, monitoring for any unusual activities or signs of intrusion.
  • Adhering to strict confidentiality regarding your personal information, address, and any specific security measures.

Can you provide references from previous clients regarding your trustworthiness?

Absolutely! I understand the importance of trust in a house-sitting arrangement. I can provide references from previous clients who can vouch for my trustworthiness and reliability. These references will showcase my track record in maintaining the security and privacy of their homes. Rest assured that I am committed to respecting your property, following your instructions, and ensuring that your trust in me is well-placed. Please let me know if you would like to receive references, and I will gladly provide them to you.


How often will you provide updates about the status of my home?

As a housesitter Communication is key during a house-sitting arrangement, and I understand the importance of keeping you informed about the status of your home. I am committed to providing regular updates based on your preferences. We can establish a communication schedule that suits you best, whether it’s daily, every few days, or on specific milestones or events. I am flexible and can adapt to your needs and expectations regarding the frequency of updates.

What is your preferred method of communication?

As a housesitter My preferred method of communication is typically through text messaging or email. These methods allow for quick and efficient communication, enabling me to provide timely updates, address any concerns or questions you may have, and share relevant information about your home. However, I am open to utilizing other communication channels that you find more convenient, such as phone calls or video chats. Ultimately, I want to ensure that we have a reliable and convenient means of staying in touch during your absence, so please let me know your preferred method, and I will accommodate it accordingly.

Handling Visitors:

How would you manage any visitors or deliveries that may come during your stay?

As a housesitter When it comes to managing visitors or deliveries during my house-sitting stay, I prioritize following your instructions and ensuring the security and privacy of your home. If you provide me with specific guidelines, I will adhere to them strictly. For regular visitors or expected deliveries, I will make necessary arrangements to receive them on your behalf. This may include coordinating with neighbors, leaving clear instructions for deliveries, or being present to receive visitors at scheduled times. If there are unexpected visitors or deliveries, I will use my judgment to handle the situation appropriately while prioritizing the security and integrity of your home.

Are you comfortable with contractors or service providers entering the property?

As a housesitter Yes, I am comfortable with contractors or service providers entering the property if needed. I understand that there may be situations where professional services, such as repairs or maintenance, are required during your absence. I will coordinate with you in advance to understand the nature of the work, verify the credentials of the service provider, and ensure that access to your home is granted only to trusted and authorized individuals. I will be present during their visits if requested or follow any specific instructions you provide regarding access and supervision. Rest assured that I will prioritize the safety of your home and possessions when dealing with any contractors or service providers.

Personal Habits:

Do you have any personal habits or preferences that may affect your ability to house sit?

As a professional house sitter, I am committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism and ensuring that my personal habits or preferences do not interfere with my ability to provide excellent house-sitting services. I am conscious of the fact that I am entering your space and will respect your home and any rules or guidelines you have in place. If there are any specific concerns or requirements you have regarding personal habits, please let me know, and I will make sure to address them accordingly.

Are you a smoker or have any allergies that could impact your stay?

I am a non-smoker, so you can be assured that there will be no smoking on your property during my house-sitting stay. Additionally, I do not have any allergies that would impact my ability to fulfill my responsibilities as a house sitter. I am comfortable around pets and plants, and I will take any necessary precautions to ensure their well-being and care. If you have any specific concerns or instructions related to allergies or smoking, please inform me, and I will ensure they are strictly followed.

Duration of Stay:

Are you available for the entire duration of my trip or do you have any conflicting commitments?

As a housesitter I understand the importance of having a house sitter available for the entire duration of your trip to ensure continuous care and security for your home. To provide you with an accurate answer, could you please provide me with the specific dates of your trip? This will allow me to check my schedule and confirm my availability. If I have any conflicting commitments during that time, I will inform you promptly so that we can discuss alternative arrangements or explore other options to meet your house-sitting needs

Insurance and Liability:

Do you have your own liability insurance as a house sitter?

As a housesitter Yes, as a professional house sitter, I have liability insurance to provide an added layer of protection for both you as the homeowner and myself. This insurance coverage helps mitigate any potential liabilities that may arise during my house-sitting stay. It provides peace of mind and ensures that we are both covered in the unlikely event of any accidental damage or unforeseen circumstances.

What would happen if any damage occurs during your stay?

In the rare instance that any damage occurs during my stay, I would immediately inform you about the situation. I take full responsibility for any damage caused directly by my actions or negligence. I am committed to addressing the situation promptly and appropriately. Depending on the extent of the damage, I will either rectify it personally or, if necessary, involve professionals or insurance as per our agreed-upon arrangement. Open and transparent communication is crucial, and I will work closely with you to resolve the matter efficiently and ensure that your home is restored to its pre-house-sitting condition.


Do you have your own reliable transportation to and from my home?

As a housesitter Yes, I have my own reliable transportation, which allows me to travel to and from your home without any issues. I understand the importance of being punctual and dependable, and having my own means of transportation ensures that I can fulfill my responsibilities as a house sitter effectively.

Are you comfortable driving my vehicle if necessary?

As a housesitter If you require me to drive your vehicle during the house-sitting period, I am open to discussing this arrangement. I have a clean driving record and a valid driver’s license. However, before using your vehicle, I would appreciate clear instructions regarding its use, such as any restrictions, specific routes or destinations, and insurance coverage. I would treat your vehicle with the utmost care and responsibility, ensuring that it is returned in the same condition as when it was entrusted to me.

House Rules:

Are there any specific house rules or instructions you should be aware of?

As a housesitter It is essential for me to be aware of any specific house rules or instructions you have in place. These rules could include anything from specific areas that are off-limits, preferred cleaning products or methods, security protocols, or any other guidelines you want me to follow. By informing me of these house rules, I can ensure that I respect your preferences and maintain a harmonious environment during my house-sitting stay.

How do you handle privacy and respect for personal belongings?

As a housesitter. I understand and prioritize privacy and respect for personal belongings. I treat your home and belongings with the utmost care and confidentiality. I will not access any areas or items that are off-limits or specified as private. Any sensitive or personal information I come across during my stay will be handled with discretion and confidentiality. I will ensure that your privacy is respected at all times. If you have any specific instructions regarding privacy or any concerns about the handling of personal belongings, please let me know, and I will make sure to adhere to your requests.

Additional Skills or Services:

Do you possess any additional skills or services that may benefit my home, such as gardening or maintenance?

As a house sitter, I possess additional skills that can benefit your home beyond basic house sitting responsibilities. I have experience in gardening and basic maintenance tasks. If you have a garden or plants that require care, I can provide watering, pruning, and general maintenance to ensure they thrive in your absence. Additionally, I have knowledge in basic home maintenance, such as troubleshooting minor issues, changing light bulbs, or performing simple repairs. While I am not a professional tradesperson, I can handle small tasks or coordinate with trusted professionals if more extensive repairs or maintenance are needed. If there are any specific additional services or skills you require, please let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. Professional house sitters save money: By utilizing my skills in gardening and basic home maintenance, you can avoid hiring separate services, ultimately saving on upkeep costs while ensuring the well-being of your home


In conclusion, finding the right house sitter for your home is crucial to ensure peace of mind during your absence. By asking essential questions, you can gather important information about their background, availability, responsibilities, emergency handling, security measures, communication preferences, and more. Understanding their experience, ability to handle specific tasks, and willingness to care for pets, plants, and other needs is essential. It’s also important to inquire about their insurance coverage, how they handle emergencies and damages, and their approach to privacy and respect for personal belongings. Lastly, discussing payment rates, methods, and any additional skills or services they can provide will help you make an informed decision. With these questions answered, you can choose a reliable and trustworthy house sitter who will take excellent care of your home while you’re away.

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