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The Top 10 Spots to Deep Clean During Move-In: Aurora’s Must-Address Areas

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Moving into a new home in Aurora is an exciting chapter, but it also comes with the responsibility of ensuring your space is fresh and spotless. Deep cleaning before settling in can set the tone for a comfortable and hygienic living environment. In this guide, L&G Cleaning Services will walk you through the top 10 spots to deep clean during move-in, ensuring your new abode is a haven of cleanliness and comfort.

Ready to settle in? Check out Aurora’s top 10 spots for a thorough move-in clean. And if you’re running a business, we’ve got you covered too—learn how to tailor a cleaning plan for your commercial space. Let’s keep things spotless

The Top 10 Spots to Deep Clean During Move-In

Moving into a new home offers a unique opportunity to tackle those often overlooked nooks and crannies. Here’s a comprehensive list of the deep clean area that need to be focused when you move in and move out in Aurora:

Entryway and Foyer

The entryway sets the tone for your new home. Make a fresh start by deep cleaning this high-traffic area. Wipe down the front door, doorknobs, and light switches. Clean shoe racks or mats, removing dirt and debris. Vacuum or mop floors, paying attention to corners and baseboards. Don’t forget to clean mirrors or decorative elements. A welcoming and spotless foyer creates a positive first impression and sets the stage for a clean and organized living space.

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

When settling into a new home, giving special attention to kitchen cabinets and countertops is essential for a fresh start. These high-traffic areas harbor remnants of previous occupants and accumulated grime. Thoroughly clean cabinets inside and out, removing dust, grease, and sticky residue. Wipe down countertops with appropriate cleaners to ensure a sanitary food prep space. Pay heed to nooks, crannies, and handles. A meticulous deep clean sets the stage for a hygienic culinary haven. Prioritize these tasks as you embark on your move-in journey for a kitchen that’s not just visually appealing, but also pristine in every sense.

Bathroom Tiles and Grout

Don’t overlook the bathroom’s tiles and grout when moving in. These areas can accumulate hidden dirt and grime over time. Scrub tiles with a suitable cleaner to restore their shine and prevent mildew. Grout, vulnerable to staining, demands special attention. Use a mixture of baking soda and water or a grout cleaner to eradicate discoloration. A toothbrush can assist in reaching tight spots. By ensuring pristine tiles and grout, you’ll establish a fresh foundation for your new home. This meticulous approach to cleanliness sets the tone for a hygienic and inviting living space.

Windows and Window Tracks

When settling into a new space, thorough cleaning is essential, and among the often-neglected areas are windows and window tracks. These crucial elements provide a fresh outlook to your living environment. Dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate in window tracks, affecting functionality and aesthetics. Windows themselves gather smudges and residue that hinder natural light. By diligently cleaning both, you enhance indoor air quality and maximize the view. Use a vacuum to remove loose dirt from tracks, then scrub with a mix of water and vinegar. Wipe down windows with a streak-free cleaner for a spotless finish that makes moving in truly refreshing.

Baseboards and Crown Molding

When moving into a new space, thorough cleaning is essential, and focusing on often-neglected areas like baseboards and crown molding can make a big difference. Baseboards, the junction between walls and floors, accumulate dust and dirt over time. A good scrub revitalizes the entire room. Crown molding, adorning the meeting point of walls and ceilings, is prone to dust buildup. Cleaning it not only enhances aesthetics but also promotes better air quality. In “The Top 10 Spots to Deep Clean During Move-In,” these architectural details hold a prime spot. Paying attention to baseboards and crown molding adds a touch of freshness to your new beginning.

Closet Interiors

The often overlooked yet crucial area in cleaning are closet interiors. These concealed spaces play host to our belongings but often accumulate dust, odors, and clutter. A thorough cleansing ensures a fresh start. Wipe down shelves, rods, and corners, creating an inviting environment for your clothes and accessories. Vacuum or mop the closet floor, eliminating hidden grime. Prioritizing closet interiors in your cleaning regimen enhances organization and prevents the transfer of dirt to your freshly cleaned items. With attention to detail, your move-in becomes a step toward an organized and pristine living space.

Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

When shifting into a new space, don’t overlook the often-neglected ceiling fans and light fixtures. These essential elements of your home accumulate dust and grime over time, affecting indoor air quality and ambiance. As part of the top 10 spots to deep clean during move-in, devote attention to these overhead features. Gently wipe fan blades and light covers with a damp cloth, removing dirt that can circulate when in use. A clean start ensures not only a fresher living environment but also a brighter and more efficient illumination, helping you feel truly at home from day one.

Appliances: Refrigerator, Oven, and Microwave

When moving into a new space, meticulous cleaning is paramount. Appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves, vital to daily life, deserve special attention. The refrigerator, a haven for perishables, demands a thorough wipe-down of shelves and drawers. Ovens, the heart of culinary endeavors, require a meticulous scrub to remove grease and residue. Microwaves, swift mealtime saviors, should be disinfected inside and out. As you embark on your move-in journey, don’t overlook these essential appliances. A spotless start sets the tone for a fresh and welcoming home environment, ensuring optimal functionality and hygiene in your new abode.

Vent Covers and Air Ducts

In the pursuit of a pristine living space, focusing on often-neglected areas is crucial. Vent covers and air ducts, vital for indoor air quality, claim their place among the top spots for deep cleaning during move-in. These hidden spaces accumulate dust, allergens, and debris over time, impacting the air you breathe. A thorough vacuuming and wiping of vent covers and a professional air duct cleaning ensure a fresh start. Prioritizing these neglected areas contributes to a healthier home environment and sets the stage for a comfortable and hygienic living experience in your new residence.

Floors and Carpets

As you embark on the journey of settling into a new home, paying attention to often-overlooked spaces is essential. Among these, floors and carpets hold significant importance. Deep cleaning these surfaces is vital, as they bear the brunt of foot traffic and daily life. Thoroughly vacuuming, mopping, and steam-cleaning carpets ensures the removal of dust, dirt, and allergens. Hardwood, tile, or laminate floors deserve a diligent sweep and mop for a polished appearance. By prioritizing the cleanliness of these areas, you create a fresh and inviting ambiance while laying the foundation for a hygienic and comfortable living environment in your new residence.


Q: How often should I deep clean these areas?
A: It’s recommended to deep clean these areas during move-in and then establish a regular cleaning routine.

Q: Can I use store-bought cleaners for these tasks?
A: Yes, store-bought cleaners can be effective. Alternatively, you can opt for eco-friendly homemade solutions.

Q: Do I need to hire professionals for air duct cleaning?
A: Hiring professionals is advisable, especially if you notice excessive dust or allergens in your home.

Q: Are there any shortcuts for cleaning windows effectively?
A: Using a squeegee after washing windows can prevent streaks and speed up the drying process.

Q: How often should I clean ceiling fans and light fixtures?
A: Aim to clean them every 1-2 months to prevent dust buildup.

Q: Can I clean grout with bleach?
A: While bleach can be effective, it’s best to use a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to avoid harsh chemicals.


Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure, and starting with a deep clean ensures you’re stepping into a pristine environment. By addressing these top 10 areas, you’re laying the foundation for a comfortable and welcoming space in Aurora. Remember, a clean home is a happy home. And as you embark on this exciting journey, make sure that Move-In cleaning should be a priority for homebuyers to create a fresh start and a pleasant living experience.

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